Strategic Planning for BC Indian band
Case Study: Strategic Planning for BC Indian band

The Client

An Indian Band in BC wanted to rethink and rebuild its communication efforts, improving engagement with its staff, members, peer governments and local media.

Our Support

StarNorth undertook a communications audit to review how the Band was currently engaging with its various audiences — including what tools were being employed and the general tone of messaging — and how effective that messaging was proving to be. We conducted surveys, reviewed materials and process, chatted with all kinds of friendly folks and quickly developed a sense of where things stood.

From there, we began crafting the strategic communication plan,, one that would be aligned with the Band’s business objectives.

Key to the strategy was voice — an indigenous voice powered by an indigenous worldview, a holistic understanding of life, culture, the environment and so much more that has emerged from a millennia of existence and experience.

The Strategy was built to reflect the Band’s vision and is intended to be a living document, updated as necessary to reflect evolving strategic priorities and the ongoing transformation of the community.

The Outcome

A two-year Strategic Communications Plan was drafted and delivered to the Band’s administration. Once adopted by Council, it will allow the Band to build a more effective communications and community engagement program, one that begins from within the organization and its membership and ripples out to include external audiences.